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Kya: Dark Lineage Review - PS2

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The videogame industry has a wealth of male hero figures, either saving the world or rescuing the helpless. What is rare but slowing gathering momentum are the heroine figures of the videogame world, doing everything and more that their male counterpart can do. In a way it's a show of the times, the way women have risen above society's perspective of being at home looking after kids, instead rising to the top in more predominant positions in society. The most recent heroine to hit the gaming world is Kya, granted she doesn't look like the most normal girl on the block but being thrown into a mysterious world and attempting to rescue her brother, what is normal? Can Kya mix it with the big boys of the platformer genre or will she lack the muscle to hold her own?


The game's storyline starts out with Kya in her dark bedroom when she hears a noise; her door slams shut and when she opens it she is startled by a bouncing basketball. She follows the basketball down the hallway and finds Frank, her half-brother in an unknown room of the house that has been hidden by a fake wall. Inside is Kya's fathers laboratory sort of setup, his own secret place. While Kya is looking around in amazement, Frank finds this secret device that opens up a new world that both Frank and Kya are sucked into.

You awake from you're passed out state you see three odd figures, they were Nativ's and they help you escape from being caught by the evil 'Brazul' and his army of Wolfun. Putting all your trust in these Nativ they lead you to safety and take you to their secret hideaway. You're seen by them as a great hope to defeat the forces of Brazul but some are wary of the fact you could turn on them like others who become powerful. Here comes the twist, Kya's father was trained by the Nativ and he mastered the powers of the world and become a tad bit too powerful turning his back on the Nativ and becoming the evil ruler that is Brazul. From the moment you figure this out it stinks of the old cliche' that's been made popular from Star Wars 'Luke I am you're father' story.

The controls in Kya: DL are pretty simple, they run along a simple theme of the game that works well and can appeal to the targeted audience. It's your basic platform setup with the two thumbsticks maneuvering the view and character, the main buttons performing takes such as jumping throwing and communicating/interacting with the environments and characters. One of the coolest features in Kya's bag of tricks is her ability to slide down steep places; it proves to be a quick and effective way of moving faster through parts of levels and its also pretty fun tearing it up, just something different from continually running.

In the beginning of your quest the Nativ teach you ... (continued next page)