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SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALs Review - PS2

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Finally, the sequel to the game that kicked off Sony's online service is released: SOCOM 2. The word 'finally' isn't really needed however, as the game came out in quick succession of its predecessor. Featuring all new missions, multiplayer maps, and weapons SOCOM 2 delivers what SOCOM 1 left out. Not to forget about a whole new layout on the online service, leaving the original for dead.

Corrupt global terrorists have beleaguered the coalition of countries. As an elite SEAL commander, your team's orders are simple - assault targets of importance, and destroy the terrorist infrastructure. SOCOM 2 seems a lot darker than the original, but with the teamwork working better than ever, the game will keep you on the edge of your seat for many hours.


SOCOM 2 is really just an extension of its predecessor. Here's another 12 missions, and another handful of maps to play online - have fun. Still, the game is built solidly and is selling very well. For those new to SOCOM, in singleplayer action you have a squad of 4. You're part of Able, and another 2 SEALs make up Bravo. With that in mind, you set out to conquer terrorists on all 4 corners of the globe. You'll be hustling through the jungle, and climbing huge dams trying to save the world from evil plots planned by evil minds. Team co-ordination has never worked better. As long as you speak clearly into the headset, it will pick up your orders exactly making for one of the most interactive games on the market today.

Don't think that a whole new team have been created for SOCOM 2 - the original squad are back. You are Spectre, and you have Jester on Able with Boomer and Kahuna making up the Bravo squad. Together you are the most elite squad in America's forces, ready to take on any challenge. Most of the singleplayer maps are used in online play too, in a refined sort of way of course. Jungle warfare has never looked better on PS2, as you have to creep through the dense bushes, sneaking up on the terrorist targets. All this hype will only last until the release of MGS Snake Eater though.

Making orders such as 'Able, stealth to Charlie' or 'Bravo, breach and bang' will make your squad members perform some of the most tactical moves the games industry have ever seen. Everything runs a lot more fluent than SOCOM 1, so you can obviously see what Zipper Interactive have been working on aside the new missions and maps. New weapons include mines, gun turrets, rocket launchers, shotguns, and a new array of rifles (still keeping in tact the weapons from the original however) are all added in this sequel. It makes for a more realistic war, and the mines have proven to be deadly ... (continued next page)