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kill.switch Review - Xbox

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Namco have definitely been watching The Matrix a little too much. kill.switch is everything you could want out of a total re-creation of The Matrix into a 3rd person shooter. You'll see what I mean as you play through the first couple of missions. What gave it away however was when one of the levels was entitled 'Down the Rabbit Hole' - This was just taking it too far. Kill.switch however brings you a different approach to a 3rd person shooter compared to what you see in today's gaming, and it definitely makes for an interesting play for a while. Lets explore the rabbit hole a little further.

In kill.switch, take on the role of a highly skilled operative with an evil plan. Your first few missions take you to places like the Middle East, the Caspian Sea region and North Korea. As the story expands however, more will be given away about who you are and why you're doing these missions. As you struggle through your one-man war, remember: cover is your only ally. What is the kill.switch? The answer is out there, and it's trying to find you.


When you begin the game, you'll be instantly put in to the kill.switch training. Unfortunately, the kill.switch training is very generic, and much like any other training system you get in a 3rd person shooter, or even a 1st person shooter. Providentially however, it only takes about 5 minutes and then you can jump in to the real game.

Controlling the main character is a bliss though, and kill.switch gets some bonus points for this. Diving around everywhere is an enjoyable way to play through the levels, and it's not hard to aim and shoot at enemies hiding behind walls, and whatever objects they can find. The training is really no justification for the amount of time you often spend in a certain situation hiding behind walls waiting for the enemy to make their move. The AI is not all that it was made up to be in previews and press releases, but they are still alright for a bit of fun. Often if they don't know where you are, they won't until you walk up behind them and smack them over the head with your gun.

kill.switch encourages you to use warfare tactics however, forcing players to strategically plan their moves and quickly adjust on-the-fly through each intense and challenging mission. Enemies work together in teams and not only seek out and engage the player, but also thrive in team-based tactics and attacks. Six war-themed missions are spread out across 18 different levels and feature environments from Middle Eastern deserts to an underground submarine base.

Without giving away the storyline, kill.switch is more than just a 3rd person shooter. Once you pass the first couple of missions you'll see these cut scenes of a certain something that you'll ... (continued next page)