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Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude Review - Xbox

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Larry is just your ordinary midget. He gives hope to all men, by going out there and being courageous and somewhat egotistical towards women, ignoring his looks, personality, and well, size. Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude is not a child's game - in fact, it's far from it. Luckily parts of it are censored, but we still get a little nudity, so if you're young then stay away because Larry's on campus!

In a desperate attempt to win the heart of every girl on campus, or to just get laid, Larry enters the new reality TV show that comes to his University innovatively named Swingles. The TV show host Uma will only let him go through stages of the show if he brings her tokens of affection that he has received from getting intimate with girls around the campus. It's up to you to sweet talk your way into college girls pants, and work your way around their desires to wind up in your bed, or hers, or who knows where!


Although it's a great idea for a game for any guy, the gameplay really lacks on almost every level. There are a series of different mini games that you play as you win the affection of each girl. One involves moving your little sperm up and down in a little side scrolling type game, as different things go past like boobs, burps, beers and coffee, which all have an effect on two different things - your heart meter, and the other meter which marks how long you have until you've succeeded in chatting her up. The more drunk you are, the harder it is to control your sperm as it goes up and down. Delayed reactions often lead you to hit more of the burps, making her heart meter drop.

Another game involves following a girl's button combination as she bounces on the trampoline, or dances, or even when you mix a drink for her. This one gets annoying if you can't get the right timing but adds a little bit of difficulty to the game. The game comes in two varieties, one using the D-pad or analog stick and the A button, and the other just using the A, X, B and Y buttons. There's also a game called quarters. The idea of this game is to toss a quarter into a cup which is in the middle of the table. If you get it in, then the girl has to take a swig of her beer, and vice versa. You are often tempted with money instead of going for the glass, but it's often better just to get her drunk.

Whilst playing these mini games, you get to watch the interaction between Larry and the girl he is hitting on. The tutorial explains that you should be nice most of the time, but sometimes ... (continued next page)