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Mech Assault Review - Xbox

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Let's face it, who hasn't dreamed of a fully interactive world, where you take control of a massive Mech, and reek havoc in a civilian infested city? The ability to control life is entirely in your hands - blow the hell out of buildings, set trees on fire, or even squash the 'little people'. The choices are all there.

Microsoft hopes to make your dreams a little closer to reality with the action-packed, fun-filled adventure that is Mech Assault.

Game Play

Mech Assault is unlike most other Mech games out there. Rather than focusing on realism and simulation, it relies more heavily on shooting the shit out of things. That's it. You see it, you shoot it. However, this is no way is a bad thing, as Microsoft have been able to implement a certain 'feel' about this game which keeps you coming back for more.

The game consists of two main play modes, with the main being 'Campaign'.

The story is as follows: You are an elite member of Wolf's Dragoon. You have been contracted to land on planet Helios, where you must disrupt the defenses, and defeat, the technological zealots that are the 'Word of Blake'.

Throughout Campaign mode, you will have specific objectives which need completing in order to advance deeper into the immersive story presented to you. Before you head into battle, you will get a debriefing screen, which explains the current situation you are in, and all the goals that need to be completed. These range from destroying a few cargo trucks, to demolishing a Power Plant. Next comes the BattleMech selection screen.

When you first start, you only have the option of a smaller, Light BattleMech called the Cougar. From there, you build up your Mech collection, consisting of all three types of BattleMech's (Light, Medium, and Heavy), and unlocking them is a whole lot of fun.

BattleMech's can be obtained and unlocked as missions are completed throughout campaign mode. Sometimes, the ability to play as a certain Mech, is the result of it's capture during missions. For example, at one point during the game, a mission objective was for you to stop the transportation of a Mad Cat Mech, and destroy all that protects it. After that mission is over, you have the ability to play using the Mad Cat. Very cool.

Each Mech also has three forms of weapons:

Energy Weapons: Require stored energy and take time to charge before firing. These include the Laser, Pulse Laser, and the Particle Projection Cannon (PPC).
Ballistic Weapons: Your normal, everyday Machine Gun, Autocannon and Gauss Rifle.
Missile Weapons: Now let's be honest, what's a Mech game without missiles? The missiles contain an easy auto target system, and consist of the Crossbow, the Hammer, and the Javelin.

When fighting against another Mech, strategy must also be implemented. If you just stand in one spot, firing your ... (continued next page)