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Blinx 2 Review - Xbox

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The lovable fur ball is back in Blinx 2. Blinx an exclusive platform game for the Xbox, introduce gamers to a wide range of new dimensions. So does Artoon deliver again for the Xbox or is it much the same? We take a look to see what the creative guys at Artoon have produced in Blinx 2.

Starting Blinx 2 you are greeted with a funky beat tune with an easy to use interface. Upon starting off a new game you are launched into the background story accompanied by mischievous tone of music, with a nice echo of voices in 5.1. This scene sets the base of what happened to the 'Big Crystal'.

You are then sent to the locker room to assemble your squad. The customisation opportunities for your squad is vast. Your choices are either an auto selection in which it will go through a large amount of customisations quickly with a choice up to you to press a button to accept what ever it stops at or allow it to stop naturally and use that selection. Customisation takes form in a different size character and a different outfit, which these can be edited later on in the piece if needed.

The game play is varied in Blinx 2 and surprising in that you will play on both sides. In the first instance your a team on the side of the Time Sweepers. Then later on your on the side of the Tom Tom Gang stealing back the crystals that you have been trying to rescue. This leads to a multiple sided story line. This allows for more variation in the type of puzzles that you are trying to solve, different encounters and different tactics.

Before being accepted into either side you are required to go through some training. For the time sweepers there are 7 simple tasks to complete. While seasons players may find this boring, it is an excellent way to practice the controls before being thrown into the deep end. The Time Sweepers you learn about time controls, how to slow it down, pause it, rewind it, fast forward it and various other time related controls. For the Tom Tom Gang it is learning to use a craft of trickery, thieving using decoys, bananas and the added dimension of space.

The levels are simplistic in design, but offers the player several unique challenges for the player to reach the level objectives. These normally can be completed more than one way. An example is being able to either unlock the gates using various keys or to blow up 10 statues. While blowing stuff up is a lot of fun, you may just find that you find the keys quicker than the statues. The start of the level and at certain intervals, would give you a preview of what to expect, ... (continued next page)