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Super Mario 64 DS Review - DS

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Mario 64 is bordering on ten years old now, and what a ten years it's been. We've seen Mario swing around from one alternate adventure to another, never actually returning on his true path as a normal action adventure character. Although Mario 128 seems to be under development and under very close wraps, Super Mario 64 DS is the closest we will get to a normal Mario Action Adventure game for now, and it's definitely a title worth getting.

If you've got a Nintendo DS and don't have this game, what are you waiting for? It's easily the best launch title, and the best title to currently own. Loads of hours of gameplay, and it doesn't matter if you've beaten Mario 64 as it's basically 50% different anyway. There are 30 "new" stars, but some of the 120 stars are different anyway. Mario can no longer become invisible or turn into the terminator (at least that's what we call him when he goes metallic). In Super Mario 64 DS you have to mix and match with four characters including Yoshi, Mario, Luigi and Wario.

Yes the rumours are true, you don't start the game as Mario - you start the game as a sleepy infamous green dinosaur by the name of Yoshi, and need to gather a few stars first before you can unlock Mario. Throughout the game you'll unlock Luigi and Wario too, and they all have their own rooms which you don't get to see inside. Does this mean the castle is redesigned? No. The castle is practically exactly the same, except for a couple of rooms. The outside part has changed around a little bit, but most of the game remains exactly the same as Mario 64.

For those that are unfamiliar with Mario 64 (where were you nine years ago?) It is an Action Adventure game that will blow your mind away. 150 stars in total for this updated version, Super Mario 64 DS is anything but "just another port". You'll find yourself pitched up against all new enemies and the enemies from the original version as you go around collecting stars, unlocking more rooms with more levels in them. Some levels will be hidden, and there are even some levels that weren't in the original (for those familiar with the original game, check out the ghost garden down below at the back of the castle!) If you've never played Mario 64 before, then you seriously don't know what you're missing out on and if you own a Nintendo DS there is no reason why you shouldn't pick this game up as it's a guaranteed hit. The most noticeable difference in the game is that you have to change between characters in order to get certain stars. Each character has their different abilities. Yoshi has that famous jump and glide move, and can eat his enemies ... (continued next page)