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The Sims 2: University Review - PC

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After installing The Sims 2: University, uninstalling The Sims 2: University, uninstalling The Sims 2, reinstalling The Sims 2, reinstalling The Sims 2: University, updating The Sims 2 by inserting disc four of The Sims 2 CDs, then re-inserting disc 1 of The Sims 2: University CDs, The Sims 2: University was finally up and running, and it was well worth the juggling act. The Sims 2: University is the perfect addition to the series for any student that wants to live life through a Sim. It may not be 100% accurate, but there's plenty more hours of gameplay thrown in for your enjoyment


The Sims 2: University has many new features to enhance your Sims life when they go to college. Although all the interfaces and everything are basically the same, there are new items, new careers to pursue, new interactions, new animations, basically new everything to do with playing the game. When you first start off, you can create a new house with your college Sims, and then you decide where they should go. You can put them in the dorms to start off with, and once the Sim gradually raises enough Simoleons, he or she can move out to finally have a place that they can call home.

There are lots of different ways for your studying Sim to earn Simoleons, including everything from getting a job in the diner serving Mac and cheese to getting tips for playing guitar in your dorm. Maxis have made it so that if you only move one or a few Sims into a dorm, then you can claim your rooms before the other freshmen move in for the year. Your space in the dorm may seem rather cramped at first, but you soon learn that you have access to all the facilities, and your room is basically only for sleeping in. If you prefer to be alone though, you can always buy a mini-fridge, a desk with a computer, and spend your many hours in your room by yourself, but you'll have to leave your room sometimes to use the bathroom. Unfortunately for some reason you can't lock your door while you are in your room, so any passer-by can come in and turn on your TV while you're studying. You can however lock your door when you leave, and it's usually wise to do so if you want to come back to your room looking the way it was when you left.

There is a new addition in the user interface though, and it's known as the "Spheres of influence". Although this all sounds very noble, it's actually a very cheap way to get other Sims to do your dirty work. This creates yet another reason to chat up someone of the same sex (no, not in that sort of way!) You see, if lots of people respect you, then nerdy ... (continued next page)