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Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver Review - Xbox

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With Stuntman a big hit on Playstation 2, Xbox followed suit and made a Stunt car game. Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver. You take over the career of Chase Corrada, an up and coming stuntwoman looking to create a reputation and work in some of the biggest films to date, like The Spy Who Chased Me and Gangster City. The concept of an action car game certainly grants Chase uniqueness from other racing titles. While all car action, it still gives you a variation of being able to do stunts, like flips, spins and barrel rolls in range of vehicles from flashy sport cars to army trail bikes.


As in most games it is wise to take on the training program to get used to the game controls and the feeling of the vehicles and surroundings. Chase offers a pretty decent training setup with four different short courses varying in vehicle bikes and cars, with a number of obstacles to complete throughout training like driving through cones and power sliding corners. It's quite handy to use to get to handling and how the different vehicles handle.

Chase offers a four-section career mode that gives the player 16 scenes to work on within the four movies. You will start off in a pretty basic scene in the movie 'The Untouchables', being an old movie you will be given an old car that really doesn't tease the taste buds for more but as you progress through the game you will notice that the cars become much more of a higher standard when your reputation grows. People in high places get the best of everything and that's no different in Chase, you can find yourself in dune buggies, motorbikes, a three wheeled Ramen delivery tuk-tuk and one hot little red sports car that you use in one of the last scenes.

Chase's overall system is very similar to the one used in Tony Hawk series only using cars to do the objectives. Barrel Rolls, Flips, Spins, Slides and a range of hit or grab objects like barrels and marks can be apart of the whole point's scheme. What you have to do is complete as many of them to unlock new parts of the movie and scenes that you can play in. basically it's the classic system that general gamers can relate to from previous games like the Hawk series.

Whilst Chase offers a fun and challenging experience, it's career mode just doesn't offer what most gamers are looking for in a lasting experience with more challenging excitement packed in the punch. Chase could take a skilled player under four hours to complete with time to spare. And with a less that appealing challenge mode, one could feel a little short changed in purchasing this game.

The Challenge mode I mentioned above only offers three different challenges, although they can be difficult to unlock, finding ten trophies in the movie scenes. There's not much reward ... (continued next page)