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Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition Remix Review - PS2

Gameplay: 8 stars 8
Graphics: 7 stars 7
Audio: 7 stars 7
Multiplayer: 8 stars 8
Innovation: 7 stars 7
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Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition Remix (try saying that 5 times in a row!), builds upon the well received Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition, and has been re-released as a budget title with a few new features to encourage the purchase. The "remix edition" offers "Tokyo Challenge", a handful of new vehicles, new areas to race, and new racers.

Why "Dub Edition?" you may be asking. "Dub Industries" is a US based car magazine and lifestyle brand which is a bit of a mix between flashy pimped up cars, a selection of hip hop and electronic music, and of course the obligatory celebrity tie-ins. Dub is also slang for 20" or larger chrome rims. While it probably doesn't mean much to us here in Australia, obviously the title aims to tie in the brand to a gaming audience. A new trend in gaming for the future? We shall see. That cleared up, we roll on by with our chromies to find out.

The original MC3DE was released about 18 months ago, and this game returns on a budget price to entice buyers to check out what it has to offer. With Midnight Club 4 reportedly coming to Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, the release of the game is no doubt a clever move to get new players excited by the series.


MC3DER is based upon the urban street racing scene. You start off on the streets of San Diego with 20 large ones to spend on your first car, and a lot to prove. The goal is to build your car up, win cash for street racing, help build up your rides, and the all important pursuit of winning cred to rule the streets. Of course, the concept sounds quite similar to Need for Speed Underground, however it was actually the Midnight Club series which dived into this area first. Those who have played the previous game can transfer their save games across to MC3DER, so if you've played the previous game, your progress and customised cars can be continued across into this edition.

When you start the campaign mode, you start off with your basic cheap vehicle, and as the game progresses and you earn money, you can get into the more interesting vehicles, and unlock hidden secret vehicles and parts. All cars in the game are officially licensed (unlike the earlier Midnight Club 2), and there is a large range from many different manufacturers to choose from. There is your small European cars, large pimp Caddies, sports cars, and SUVs. Then at the top end there are the exotic supercars such as the Maclaren F1, and Pagani Zonda. It is up to you which style you prefer, and each can be customised in many ways. Change the paint, rims, bodykit, decals and performance upgrades to your heart's content to build your own car's personality. Motor bikes are also available, giving a totally different segment ... (continued next page)