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Megaman Zero Review - GBA

Gameplay: 8 stars 8
Graphics: 8 stars 8
Audio: 7 stars 7
Innovation: 2 stars 2
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Megaman Zero was the first “real” Megaman game on GBA, ignoring the Battle Network series. Zero returned to the series roots with fast paced action, challenging platforming and some ridiculously tough boss fights. It's all wrapped up in a futuristic tale of duty and identity as our hero struggles to find his place, and himself, in a world at war.

Zero is discovered in an abandoned installation, years after the end of the Maverick Wars from the Megaman X series, with no memory and a swarm of enemies in his face. When he hears a cry from help from Ciel, the young scientist that awakened him, Zero leaps into the fray. Soon enough he recovers his trademark Z-Saber and saves the girl, taking his first steps in a world that has all but forgotten him.

Building on the foundation of the X series, Megaman Zero lets players take control of the latest incarnation of Zero, Megaman X's red hot favourite sidekick. Wielding his Z-Saber and blasting his cannon, spinning his shield boomerang and with the added ability of the triple rod, Zero is a man to be reckoned with.


The game uses the standard left to right, kill it if it moves and don't fall down action platform formula. You can run, jump and dash to keep ahead of your foes but it will take some doing. MMZ comes from the old school where games are hard and the knocks are harder.

Instead of using the selection screen of previous Megaman titles, MMZ uses a hub world. Between missions, you can wander around, talk to characters, feed your cyber elves and find the occasional secret.

Cyber elves are used as optional upgrades for the underpowered Zero. Although not necessary (it is actually encouraged that you don't use them) they do make the game easier on you, granting extra health, a quick heal in a heavy battle and boosts to your abilities. In order to get the most out of them, you will have to feed them energy crystals dropped by enemies.

In keeping with tradition, Zero can also gain abilities by defeating his enemies. Thunder, Ice and Fire chips can be added to his armour for a nice advantage over certain enemies but the real kicker are the extra abilities gained by defeating bosses with an A or S rank.

With an A or S rank, your opponent has access to a more devastating move which is yours if you win. In order to achieve a good rank, you have to finish the stage in good time, not get hit too much, defeat a lot of enemies and not use cyber elves. It offers a nice incentive for the truly hardcore.

While the difficulty will put some people off, if you persevere, you'll find it soon gets easier. Each level follows its own pattern, meaning you can soon know everything before it happens. Enemies and pitfalls are often ... (continued next page)