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Project Gotham Racing Review - Xbox

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You're going to need style, skill, and an enthusiasm to gamble to earn the most Kudos points and stand higher than the crowd. Get behind the wheel of over 25 of the most modern cars you've ever laid your eyes on, in four of the world's utmost cities, in your pursuit for grandeur. You'll have to push your driving skills to the edge to claim the ultimate conceited privileges!

This game is the most stylish racing game out. If you liked Fast and the Furious, or if you enjoyed Gone in 60 Seconds, then this game is definitely for you! Being a launch title, this game has proven to be one of the Xboxes greatest successors so far, with over a million copies sold world wide before it went Classic! Now that it retails at half the price that it started at, you'd be foolish not to pick it up!


Once setting up your new player, choosing helmet colour, manual/auto, and all the other fun things in most racing games, you'll be able to choose from a variety of game modes. Each mode (except for Multiplayer of course) unlocks more circuits, cars, paintjobs, and helmets. The game modes you first start off with are: Quick Race, Arcade Race, Time Attack, Kudos Challenge, and Multiplayer.

  • Quick Race mode allows you to race through checkpoints against five other cars for a set number of laps. The only way to proceed is to earn at least a Bronze medal in every city at each skill level.
  • Arcade Race mode involves your normal arcade style of game, except you also need to work on Kudos points to progress throughout the game! You get bonus Kudos for finishing in 1st, 2nd or 3rd, making it vital to perform well in both speed and style.
  • Kudos Challenge mode is the heart of Project Gotham Racing. Test your limits as you race your way through 12 levels and nine different types of racing challenges. With no penalties for trying to improve your routine, Kudos Challenge mode offers the ultimate pastime of excellence!

With 29 different cars, and 29 different engine sounds, Project Gotham has ripped into the racing games world and set new standards for the future. Also, with more than 200 circuits in New York, London, Tokyo, and San Francisco, you'll be flat out racking up those Kudos points by driving with Skill, Speed, and most importantly, Style.

This game has about 30 - 60 hours worth of gameplay, depending on how good you are. I'm about halfway through it, and I've been playing for at least 20 hours. And then there's the replay value. Multiplayer is great in this game if you have a big TV. My mate is always asking me if he can come over to play some Project Gotham. So if you're looking for a compelling racing game to play with a few mates, or if you just love those extravagant ...

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