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Forza Motorsport Review - Xbox

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You can sum up this game in two words, 'Sheer Perfection'. For the better of this review though, we'll go in to the depths of Forza a little bit more! Forza Motorsport is the first game that GameBiz has ever given a perfect score for. It's the best racing game we've ever come across, and that's saying a lot. Gran Turismo 4, eat your heart out, because there's a new girl in town and she's got a lot more than you ever had to offer.


After playing Forza for 15 minutes, it was clear to us which game was the better driving simulator. Forza Motorsport is everything Gran Turismo 4 was meant to be, and then some. The handling, the cars, the upgrades, the decals, the environments, the weather conditions, the models, everything in Forza has been fitted to perfection right down to the marks on the tracks. There's absolutely nothing to complain about in the whole game, which is what makes Forza a rather hard game to review. A review needs to be critical of the good and bad, and when there's only good things to say, you know the game is something special.

Having an average speed of over 100KPH is not something unusual in Forza Motorsport. Throughout career mode you can keep a very close watch over all your details, from how much your garage is worth to your earned credits and percentage of the game complete. Forza offers hours upon hours of offline action, whether you like to race around in already unlocked cars in Arcade Mode, or jump in to a Career mode with more options than you'll know what to do with. Let's start with the simplest option though, let's Go Race.

Forza Motorsport's career racing mode has hundreds of different circuits to complete. They are all sorted out uniformly which is confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it you can see how far through the game you are, and what events you've forgotten about. Forza's Career mode works on levels, and as you go up levels, more circuits will be unlocked. These come in intervals of five though, however every time you go up a level, a different upgrade will be unlocked allowing you to tune up your cars.

A full Garage mode allows you to check out the statistics of all your cars, sell them, test drive them, and more. Throughout career mode you find yourself in the garage a lot checking up on what car is best for the race and what not. The garage also has all the options to upgrade your cars, tuning, painting, and adding decals. There's so much to do on every car in the game, meaning if you're a car modding addict you'll probably spend upwards of 100 hours in the garage perfecting your cars. The garage is also where you can buy, sell and trade cars with ... (continued next page)